The different types of polos and their history

The different types of polos and their history

A polo is a shirt with collars, and an elegantly woven polo has a bigger plot. Keep in mind that the crocodile on your left chest? Polo shirts are regularly caught. The shirt normally has two small cuts on both sides at the base and may also have a pocket.

The polo started as a tennis shirt to supplant the bulky tennis clothes. The creator of this new tennis jersey, the tennis hero Lacoste, has affixed the crocodile seal on these jerseys because he was often called "the gator" on the tennis circuit.

How this tennis jersey turned into polo is a fascinating story. Despite the fact that polo players had soon adopted it, having supplanted their former for a long time, this reality alone could not make a distinction between polo. It was at the time when Ralph Lauren's woven polos (with the polo player symbol on the courier) proved to be so famous that the previous tennis t-shirt turned everything into "polo".

The golfers have also adopted the jersey as theirs, with regular pieces of golf to make real golf t-shirts. It is a standard garment for golf players now.

Thus, the tennis t-shirt has not only turned into polo; he turned into an accepted jersey, whatever his name.

State of the embroidered polo now

Polo has quickly entered everyday life and has become a classic garment worn by both people nowadays. It is even worn in workplaces that recognize less formal outfits, but are not yet ready to recognize the shirts.

There are different polo styles, the well-known striped style. The shirts come in different shades, with or without pocket, in woven style, woven wire, cotton or poly-cotton, substantial or light, etc.

Polo shirts are often worn with a sub-shirt for extra warmth.

Woven polos with a perfect little picture on the chest are perfect. Badges are regularly adapted to specific topics or needs, such as golf tours, corporate events, corporate branding and even a weekend.

The woven polo began as a tennis shirt, with the famous Lacoste crocodile image on the left chest. Expected as an option unlike uncomfortable tennis wear, it was soon adopted by different games, such as polo and golf. The tennis jersey had become an accepted jersey, bearing the name of the polo shirt.

Nowadays, simple and woven polos are worn in non-sporting conditions, including workplaces that recognize a certain familiarity. A small elegant token adds a bit of class to the polo, which can be offered in many styles.

The different types of polos and their history
The different types of polos and their history

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