Plus Size Clothing - Scandalous Wear

I have a question and if anyone can answer it, I would really appreciate it. I am confused about this plus size garment on two different levels. First of all, what chauvinist man had that name? Plus size looks so unflattering. Men do not have  plus size clothing   sections. No, they just have bigger sizes. Or they can go to stores like Big and Tall. Once, I would like to see a more hung panel hanging over the men's store.

Second, who and what determined which size is a plus size? Does it vary from one store to another? Honestly, I think someone just sat down one day and arbitrarily say that nothing more than that size will be considered a plus size, and who cares about the women who have to shop in this section. I always thought it was a bit humiliating. I mean, most people are not proud to be on the big side, but it's humiliating to leave a whole section of the store set aside with a big hanging side, stating that you're overweight.

The whole situation is made worse by the fact that there seems to be a blatant lack of fashionable and cute plus size clothes. So, not only do you have to shop under a big sign stating that you are overweight, but you should also look at the smaller section and realize how cute all these clothes are. This seems especially unfair.

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