Plus Size Fashion - Classically Simple

Plus Size Fashion - Classically Simple

Okay, we've all seen fashion shows on television, or images of them in magazines, and thought about the incredible and abnormal leanness of the models. Personally I find it very depressing. I look at these beautiful clothes on these beautiful girls and I know that even if I had the money to buy them, they would never look like that. I'm not a big girl and I wear a pretty small size, but I still find the fashion sector extremely depressing.

This made me think for a moment about plus size women and their fashion. I mean they have to have the same types of thoughts, do not they? Well now, they have their own plus size fashion industry. I saw some shows and models, and they are beautiful women and beautiful clothes. I mean, there are some beautiful, bigger women who make their living as role models, defying all the socially established stereotypes that larger women are not as beautiful as thin women.

Now, I have to say though, while I admire the fashion industry that has developed, I'm a little confused as to where creations are implemented. I mean for the other clothes, the stylists use them, and then other small businesses start to imitate the styles. Soon a new trend is coming up and they are available in all stores. However, I still have not really seen this in the world of plus size fashion. It still looks like it lacks beautiful clothes for plus size women. I would really love to see more shops and boutiques built around these fashions for plus size women. I think it would help make people more proud of themselves and their bodies.

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