Fashion Plus Size Freedom!

Just ten years ago, larger women were limited to shopping in the two shelves of the local department store. We did not have much choice in style and fit and really - we did not like to shop for ourselves. It's hard to feel good in a wardrobe full of t-shirts of cartoon characters and pants that are too short and stretchy, and it was disappointing to shop for the same thing.

Our fashion choices were: basic stretch polyester pants (remember those thick elastic ladies' belts?), Simple oversized t-shirts, and fluid and flowery polyester house dresses. Everything that was a little nice was stored in limited quantities and at an exorbitant price.

Ladies we felt and looked fussed because that was all we had to wear!

Today, however, well-represented women can now enjoy trendy and comfortable fashion - at affordable prices. And with easy online access, we are no longer limited to what local department stores choose for us. We can choose between denims, cottons, silks and satins. Printed flowers, stripes, solids and peas. Well-fitting career clothes,  two-piece   swimsuits, short pants, long pants - the sky is the limit and we have more choices than ever before.

Do you want to wear a fun and sexy skirt? Or a trendy tanktini on these fabulous beach holidays? No problem! It's just a click online. Your biggest dilemma will be to pick a single article out of the three or four that caught your eye. What a change from ten years ago!

Today, large and large women can finally find these pants that are both width and length. And then there is a smaller size plus fashion  for women   who are shorter than average. We now have fashion selections that are suitable for all sizes of women figured more complete - short, medium and large.

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