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The larger US community is expanding. Studies show that the average size of clothing in the United States is already 14 points. In addition, according to a research firm, sales of plus size wo men's clothing   rose 7%. This is evidence that the population of plus-size people actually increases.

To remove the idea that skinny is the only way to look beautiful, there have been a lot of fashionable clothes that are made for the plus size person. Large clothing is no longer hanging at the end of the basket but is a whole new category of clothing. Indeed, a perfect 10 is not necessary to display the latest fashion trends.

Clothing for plus size people is designed differently. These target the potential problems that a typical plus size person may encounter. Here are some reminders to follow plus size fashion

  • Keep accessories close to the neck and sleeves. The scarves and stoles worked wonders throughout the outfit. These divert attention from flabby arms and / or wide shoulders. For an illusion of thinness, wrap it around or on your shoulders.
  • Do not highlight problem areas (arms, hips, and waist) with bold prints, bright colors, and accessories. Horizontal stripes are not recommended if they are thick because they will only look wider. Fine horizontal stripes are acceptable because, by far, they seem to look like a solid color. NOTE Color and pattern are not as essential as shape and fit.
  • It is suggested to embroider near the base of the skirt. Cover the hips, if it's a problem, with long tops
  • The top should be slightly tacky at the waist to give a slimming look. However, it should not be too sticky or too loose either. Never wear anything that makes you feel like you're wearing a tent. Wide necklines are suggested.
  • Choose well-fitting and structuring fabrics. Tissues that stick to problem areas are of course not recommended. The heaviest fabrics and the heaviest cotton are those suggested for plus size women. This fabric controls the shape of the body rather than the body shape of the clothes.
  • Choosing the right hairstyle is also essential to avoid highlighting puffy cheeks and adding a slimming illusion to your face.

Following these reminders can help the average midsize person choose the right clothing and accessories. Here are some basic items that would look fabulous for plus size women.

1. Wide pants. Make sure it fits over the widest part of your body and sinks down.

2. V-Neck Tops This kind of tops makes your neck longer. So, make you look bigger.

3. A-line skirts. This type of skirt gives you the size of the hourglass. It also goes very well with many other clothes.

Today, more size does not mean fat. He has already established his reputation on the fashion scene, that he can be both sexy and sophisticated. In fact, more and more stores have added more sizes to their racks to satisfy more customers. Indeed, big fashion has exploded on the market.

Fashion has a big impact on our society. Sometimes we can not escape what society dictates in one way or another what is beautiful or not. However, with the right clothes and the right attitude, you will not feel as beautiful and sexy as you would like.

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