Girls - Want to captivate your ball date? Do not forget to customize these prom dresses!

Girls - Want to captivate your ball date? Do not forget to customize these prom dresses!

The night of the ball is just around the corner. You want to look your best and surprise your date and friends with a stunning ball gown. You made an appointment with the hairdresser and makeup artist. You have planned every aspect of your special party. But wait! Do not forget one of the most important things: accessorize your prom dress to make it dazzling!

prom dresses can seem simple without at least some accessories. Even a stunning ball gown by Jovani can be embellished with a sparkling necklace and matching earrings. Niteline's gorgeous evening dress would not be complete without some accents. No matter what style of dress you choose, the accessories will make it even more dazzling! Here are some prom tips to spin your wheels.

Strapless Prom Dresses and Spaghetti Straps

The neckline may look nude when wearing a strapless or spaghetti prom dress. A beautiful glittering necklace and matching earrings can easily brighten up a plain neckline. The type of necklace you choose should blend well with the colors and fabric of your dress. With a prom dress that has a lot of lace or sequencing, a gold or silver necklace will do the trick. Or maybe even a single strand of pearls. With a simple satin dress, wear a necklace that shines with a unique design. Add a nice slide as a bonus.

Gloves and Shawls

Strapless prom dresses look great with satin gloves or lace shawl. The gloves and shawl should match the color of your prom dress for a simple but elegant look! Shawls can be worn around the neck or held around the upper arms.

Half jackets

If the shawls do not suit you, try a half-jacket instead. These usually come in a satin finish to match the color of your prom dress, or in a transparent lace style. There are even jackets that tie at the front in the middle to cover the belly! Choose the jacket that best fits your body type. Try one with your prom dress to make sure it offers the look you want.

Prom dress length and prom shoes

Choose your hosiery and prom shoes according to the length of your dress. With long ball gowns, you can choose a hose for your comfort, not for your style, because no one will see them anyway. For prom dresses or short and short ball gowns, choose prom shoes and a hose that will fit perfectly with your legs and feet.

Open-toed ball shoes with a nude or light-colored hose will look great with slim legs. If your legs are muscular or wide at the calves and you want to minimize the importance of the lower part of your legs, choose closed-toed shoes with a dark colored hose, if possible. Or, a longer prom dress will do the trick.

Hand bags

Wear a handbag at the prom? Choose the one that fits your ball gown. There are handbags of all colors and styles designed specifically for prom. You can find satin, pearls or lace handbags to complete your prom dress. With a prom handbag, you can carry your belongings while staying in fashion!

Other prom dress accessories include locks of hair, anklets, bracelets, rings, belts, hats, clutches, pendants and brooches. When you shop online, you can find thousands of unique accessories as well as many styles of prom dresses, such as cocktail style, up and down, evening wear, pageant dresses, sheath style, and much more. other.

Remember - dress for fun! You only have one chance to shine this year's ball gown!

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