What are the best shoes for your outdoor activity?

There are many types of shoes on the market today, depending on the activities you like and those that best meet your needs. From chic beach parties to casual shopping sprees, what you wear on your feet is who you are. A day of hiking on the trails can be a disaster with the wrong shoes.

If you are the type to practice different outdoor activities but you are not serious enough to justify shoes specific to each sport, a multisport shoe is made for you. This type of shoe is ideal for walks in the park, hiking in the light of day on a busy trail, fun games in the field, and is a great help for life on vacation. It allows you to multitask at the same time and offers you enough support and versatility to not limit your enjoyment.

If you are more passionate and thirsty for adrenaline, then choose the approach shoes. They are perfect for mountain tours with excellent traction and climbing potential, yet elegant enough to navigate the mall. The soles of these shoes are made from a sticky rubber and look more like a climbing shoe than a hiking boot. The approach shoes have been designed to provide a mountaineer or mountaineer with a solid and comfortable base for short or long runs to your climbing area. These shoes should not be confused with climbing shoes. Although many climbers prefer them for easy climbs on many terrains, they can not replace difficult climbs.

Then there are your activities on the beach. Whether you play volleyball or just swimming, sports sandals are a good choice. There are many brands and models to choose from. These types of sandals are also called Mandals because they are mostly worn by men (or in New Zealand slang Jandals). They are built with many types of materials. Synthetic fabric and leather are widely used with a rubber sole. These sandals sometimes have a removable back heel harness to minimize foot slippage and are ideal for beach sports. They allow the user to maneuver on uneven terrain without his sandal peeling off.

If you're just surfing the beach and you do not need the support and versatility of a sports sandal, a Flip Flop is for you. It consists of a rubber sole (usually) held at the foot by two pieces ranging from plastic to leather, called strings. These straps extend from the inside and outside of the foot to the slot between the big toe. There is no strap in the heel and the sandal goes up and down, creating a sound rocker.

Flip flops are very present in the culture of surfing. They also become everyday shoes in the cities. Flip flops have stood the test of time and have become more and more the most popular shoes of the summer.

When choosing shoes for outdoor activities, be sure to consider the climate and the demands of the activity. Does the activity require more traction, more ventilation, more insulation or more support? Above all, choose a shoe that will keep your feet comfortable. Choose the right shoes now and enjoy even more of your outdoor activities.

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