The hoof of men and women in review

Les shoes clogs étaient extrêmement populaires dans les années 70 et font un retour en force. Ils sont définis par leur conception en général. La plupart des sabots que vous trouverez ont le dos ouvert et peuvent être enfilés. Le sabot traditionnel en était un avec une semelle en bois et un dessus en cuir. Ils ont un orteil arrondi et un peu relevé. Les chaussures vous rappellent une version plus moderne des chaussures «Little Dutch». Ils sont vraiment très tendance. Aujourd'hui, vous pouvez également trouver des sabots à dos. Ils ressemblent beaucoup aux sabots traditionnels; Cependant, ils ont ce renfort supplémentaire pour vous aider à garder votre chaussure sur votre pied. Les sabots sont aussi très populaires car ils sont très confortables à porter. Ils sont parmi les chaussures les plus confortables sur le marché.

Women's clogs

Women love their hooves. Clogs give women the ability to slip your foot into your shoe and be on your way. Most women also like the fact that they can wear a light hoof in hot weather without worrying about people who see their toes. Some women use them specifically when their toenails need a little extra attention to which they are not yet accustomed. Other women also like to be able to wear their shoes in cool weather with socks. These are just shoes that can go from one season to another effortlessly.

You will find women wearing traditional wooden and leather clogs, clogs covered with suede or even garden clogs. Many gardeners love to wear plastic clogs in their garden because they can be easily washed and reused again and again. You can find garden hooves at most home and garden stores. Canvas clogs are becoming more and more popular. The hoof looks like a tennis shoe; only it is without back, which makes it a hoof. You can find very sporty versions or simple Keds versions of this type of shoe.

Men's clogs

Most men are afraid to wear clogs. Traditionally, only women wore hooves, which can completely scare the most man of men. Men who have the courage to try them end up loving them the most. Clogs for men are very masculine. They usually look a lot like sandals in many ways. They are brown or black and leather. Where women's clogs often have a thick heel, not those of men.

Many men prefer to wear clogs with their backs. They think the shoe looks more manly, which might be true for some. They can wear these interesting shoes at work, on the golf course or even at the church. All in all, they are very versatile, which appeals to men.

Medical clogs

More and more medical clogs are being used in hospitals and other medical facilities. Medical hooves are those with thick rubber soles. The upper part of the hoof is generally made of rubber. They are perfect for nurses, doctors and other medical staff. They are great because they protect the staff's feet from germs and potentially dangerous materials on the ground. Another advantage is that medical shoes are slip-resistant, which helps staff stay safe when the floor is wet. They can also be cleaned and disinfected very quickly and easily, making them even more attractive to medical staff. Their durability is also attractive. Some medical institutions do not allow their staff to wear clogs without a back. So they have to buy backpacks. These rules are made to prevent any type of injury.

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