Birkenstock Boots - Durable Shoes With Boot Sole

Birkenstock Boots - Durable Shoes With Boot Sole

When we think of birkenstock shoes, we probably think of sandals and maybe clogs. This is certainly why they are the most famous. Very comfortable and durable sandals, ideal for everyday casual wear and even summer evenings. Those who have used "Birks" know that they will last a very long time and adapt gently to the shape of your feet to offer you an excellent fit that suits you perfectly. If you have a doubt, simply slip on another person's pair and you will understand.

However, Birkenstock recently added boots to its footwear range, from sandals and clogs to both Birkenstock shoes and boots. Time will tell if they are as successful as the sandals line, but if their sandals are the proof, the boots should also be a hit.

There are 3 basic types: Approach boots / day trip in the Birkenstock Alpine series, regular aggressive hiking boots in the Rockford line and several types of trendy boots like the Segovia Calf boot for women.

When you go out looking for a new pair of Birkenstock, you may find that their fit is different from the one you are used to. Do not let that bother you. Just try a slightly different size and you should be able to find a comfortable pair for your feet.

There is no doubt that boots are not what made Birkenstock famous. However, their experience in producing high-end casual shoes has provided them with an ideal base for developing a line of quality boots from the start. They were able to do everything without losing sight of their fundamental principle of simplicity and sustainability.

So, the next time you go shopping for a pair of quality boots or shoes, be sure to find out what Birkenstock has to offer. They may be slightly more expensive than other sandals, but they will last much longer and will also be more comfortable for your feet and back.

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