Birkenstocks - Comfortable sandals, good for the back

Birkenstocks - Comfortable sandals, good for the back

Do you know where the term "sole" comes from? Most people do not know that this term was created by the revolutionary sandal manufacturer Konrad Birkenstock, a nineteenth-century German shoemaker. Before Birkenstock, the shoes were all made with completely flat soles and had no support for the arch. They developed a revolution in shoe making by designing shoes that matched the actual shape of a person's foot.

Initially, their idea was sold as an insert for use in other formless shoes. Their company has taken off as a major manufacturer of orthopedic inserts. They were called "sole mounts" and the term "midsole" became a legal mark of Birkenstock.

Over time, they realized that their new insole support concept could be extended to different types of shoes that they could make themselves. The original sandals they developed were designed to give the wearer an almost barefoot experience while providing fantastic support and protection for the wearer's sole. They did not understand how much they would revolutionize the shoe and shoe industry.

People quickly realized that not only were they comfortable, but that they also helped a lot to solve many foot and back problems by providing the arch support and fit that was lacking so far. in shoes and sandals. Today, podiatrists often "prescribe" sandals and other Birkenstock shoes as part of normal care for people with feet, leg and back. In particular, the "sandals without heel" are known to strengthen and tone considerably the calf muscles.

From their humble beginnings as shoemakers, Birkenstocks has become one of the most recognized shoes and sandals producers in the world. They are available in hundreds of styles, materials and colors to suit all needs and personalities. And they did it by staying true to their basic philosophy: install them comfortably and make them last.

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