Five pairs of shoes that every woman should have

We know that everyone loves shoes, buys shoes and has several pairs of shoes in their closets. Although you may not need all the shoes you have in your closets, here are five pairs of shoes that every woman should have:

  • Beautiful work shoes. You must have a special pair of smart shoes for the job. These should look great, and fit well with your costume. They will be perfect for interviews, as well as for presentations and important business trips.

These are usually black shoes with a medium heel, which will give you a higher and more controlled look, while remaining comfortable enough to wear them all day.

  • Beautiful shoes to wear with jeans. Who wears jeans with sneakers? As jeans become colder and more beautiful, you need something cuter than basic sneakers.

We recommend high heel sandals in the summer or superb boots in the winter.

  • Beautiful sneakers. You must always exercise and go to the gym. Although you do not wear sneakers with your elegant jeans, you still need sneakers for exercise and walking outdoors. There are many sports shoes on the market. Choose the ones that are right for you and fit your exercise program.
  • Cool dress shoes. You have this gorgeous dress and you need matching shoes. Get something fun and gorgeous to go with the dress. Splurge a bit here, the right shoes will make all the difference.
  • The pink shoes. You know, everyone has at least a pair of completely unrealistic shoes, bright pink or bright red. You found them at the store, they really did not match any of your outfits, but you just had them.

Which of these types of shoes do you have in your wardrobe?

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