Note to shoe buyers: size counts

The stars of "Sex and the City" have made the world safer for shoe lovers around the world, with their obvious obsession with famous shoe designers such as Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik. So, if you follow in their footsteps, foot care experts advise you to measure your foot before buying your next pair.

A survey conducted by the American Podiatric Medical Association found that 66% of Americans do not have their feet measured when they buy new shoes. In fact, 34% reported not having measured their feet for more than five years and 6% admitted to having their last measured foot more than 30 years ago.

Every day, we apply enormous pressure on our feet, an average day of walking resulting in a force of several hundred tons. In addition, our feet are exposed to more injuries than any other part of the body.

Even if your feet are not a problem at the moment, you still need to consider comfort and form when you buy shoes. Here are some APMA shoe shopping tips.

  • Shop in the afternoon because your feet tend to swell during the day and it is better to find the solution that suits them.

  • Measure your feet as you stand up.

  • Do not succumb to the myth that shoes must be "broken". They should feel comfortable and be easy to walk immediately.

  • Always try both shoes and shop around the store.

  • Make sure the shoes fit snugly at the front, back and sides. Buy shoes that do not pinch your toes.

  • Manufacturers' sizes vary, do not be fooled by the size of your last pair of shoes.

  • Try shoes with the same type of sock or stockings that you plan to wear with the shoes.

It is just as important for children to have their feet measured as for adults. It may be necessary to change the size of the shoe and sock every few months to leave room for your child's feet. Never "put back" the shoes from one child to another.

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