Australian designer shoes

Australian designer shoes

What does it mean to be a designer?

The term "designer" is often used vaguely in the fashion industry, and certainly by many factories mass producing shoes that mimic the fashion leaders.

We do it differently. How can you expect to create a real designer shoe? At Vein, each new design is sketched out, first as a concept, then worked and reworked in final drawings with graphite on paper, by Vein's chief designer, Christopher McCallum. Then, a prototype shoe is meticulously manufactured by hand.

The new design is then put into production and unearthed for our discerning clientele using the finest leathers, selected for their uniqueness and quality, from renowned Australian and international tanneries.

When you inspect our famous Vein shoes, you will quickly see that they embody qualities that others aspire to. Designs and quality inspired by the great fashion houses, timeless architecture and personalities, beautiful places and exciting lifestyles that we live around the world.

As you can probably see, we live, fantasize, dream and breathe men's shoes. This passion has made Vein the first Australian brand of designer shoes for men. In 2005, Vein was the only men's shoe brand to be invited to exhibit at the Mercedes Australian Fashion Week. Apparel brands like "NYOU", "Leopold", "Tom, Dick & Harry", "Red Cordial" and "Always Habit", winner of the Australian Fashion Design Awards, have chosen to complete their labels with Vein on the podium . In 2006, at the Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival, Veine was the shoe of choice of the parade for Kenzo, Morrisey and Leopold.

The vein is synonymous with excellence. You'll feel it, watch it, live it too ... every time you put on Vein shoes.

Vein shoes. Love more. Stress less. Express your creativity And above all, do not envy anyone.

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