Nike Primes Biz Shoe for Jordan Play

Nike Primes Biz Shoe for Jordan Play

Wishing to give back to its sub-brand window, Nike halves the retail distribution of its Jordan shoes, starting in the critical season of back to school, with the release of new ads in July.

Jordanian brand chief Larry Miller said that while sales of the latest Air Jordan XV shoe have exceeded all expectations, "we have been driving the brand for a long time, because whatever the market Jordan is a constant - we now want to go back to the days when people lined up for the product. "

Nike and all brands of sports shoes have suffered from the overabundance of models and retailers. While marketers have generally eliminated excess inventory, the problem of the excessive number of stores persists - especially in shopping malls, creating a competitive sales environment.

Nike also plans to expand its clothing to accounts other than shoes, such as department stores and urban stores. "The idea is to have a look that combines sporty and authentic style," said Miller.

Spending levels will remain stable at $ 12 million, as will Creative, which gives Jordan a larger oversight role to better present active supporters such as Eddie Jones, Randy Moss and Derek Jeter.

"We will always use Michael, but we will not be able to really show him," said Miller.

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