A simple guide to renovating an attic in bedrooms

A simple guide to renovating an attic in bedrooms

The attic is the space at the very top of the house or building. In most homes, this part is used for storage purposes, but you can do a lot in this part of your house. If you decide to renovate the attic to get to the rooms, the ideas are endless as long as you follow the basic rules.


In any type of major renovation, you must first obtain the appropriate permit before you can proceed with a plan. In order to follow this process quickly, you must be ready to face the right facilities and to comply with the building regulations.

Ask the help of a local inspector to measure the space available in the attic if it is enough to get the permit once you have decided to turn it into bedrooms. Make sure there is good clearance and spaces for additional ventilation and other safety measures can be provided.

Watch out for damage in the area, whatever their size. Check the walls for cracks and other damage. Keep the support system strong. Remove rusty pipes and make sure everything nearby is safe.

For an attic renovation, you should also look over the rooms just below this part. Look for things that can be a factor for the strength of your home in general. Make the necessary repairs as much as possible to avoid other problems. Consult with professionals to find out whether or not you can continue your renovation projects for most of your home. Know first if such plans could affect the general structure and foundations of your property.


Once you have settled everything, you can then start and plan the renovation you are considering.

This is only the plan of everything, but you can already see what is feasible and what is not, what is beautiful and what is not. And at this point, it's best to browse books, magazines, and home decor photos available on the Web, especially for this part of your home.


Depending on the size of the attic and its condition, you can turn it into one or more bedrooms. In doing so, you must first consider the shape of the attic, with its sloping sides, the rooms must be designed to fully exploit all parts of the area.

When creating bedrooms, install enough windows for ventilation and natural light. Emergency exits must also be arranged. If you have children at home or with your family, go child-friendly.

Painting the pieces is an important factor to add to their brightness. This will also enlarge the space and add beauty to the overall effect.

Once the parts are in place, you must choose the appropriate devices to add. Like any other room in the house, such things should be for anyone to use.

Renovating the attic in the bedrooms is possible and easy to do if you have taken care of everything from the first planning stage. Always be aware of your budget. Do not go too far, you may need money for maintenance over days, months and years.

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