The first steps of attic renovation projects

The first steps of attic renovation projects

All houses with loft will not have the possibility to convert them into a useful space such as a room of entertainment, a room of hosts or simply an additional space which you will be able to use for personal purposes. Attic refurbishment projects can only be completed if the space in this part of your house has the appropriate extent to be modified with the above plans.

Feasibility study

You can hire a professional to examine your attic before even dreaming that it could become something you would like it to be. You can also do this if you know how to get the sizes or areas in the space provided. You must first measure the area.

Just because it looks big enough does not mean it's possible to continue. You must think about the things and materials that would be added once the project has started. Authorities should be aware of these measures once you have obtained your building permit and the list must meet the least stringent building prerequisites.

This process can also be done by the building inspector in your area. The person can guide you through the basic needs and requirements before you can continue the project. The inspector generally checks the available height, authorized electrical volume, lighting conditions and ventilation sources, among others.

You can also consult the local building code that can usually be requested from local libraries.

Check on the structure

It is advisable to check the frame used during the construction of the attic to know if it is possible to renovate it in depth. Your roof must be supported by rafters so that you can consider continuing with the plan. If the roof is supported by trusses, you must completely remove the plan because there may not be enough free space in the area.

However, even if your attic has rafters, you will still need to inspect each one for leaks, damage such as cracks, sagging, and so on.

If the roof is at fault or if you have noticed a water leak, you must first change it or make repairs before you can complete your renovation plans. This can increase the budget, so you need to be aware of the costs so you can get ready with the right amount once you have started the renovation process.

Code requirements

You must follow the rules especially regarding this issue because, in any case, the requirements of the code must be met. If the attic is to be turned into a bedroom, you need at least one outside exit. This can be in the form of an exit window or stairs.

Additional windows or you can also install skylights indoors to meet the specifications required for ventilation and lighting.

Mechanical Structures

The elements of the attic are immobile, like the chimneys. They must be integrated into your design. Electrical equipment and plumbing materials can be moved to place them more easily in the plane. Just a reminder on the chimney, however, check your local codes for the framing allowed around such structures.

It's easier to precede your attic renovation projects once you know that not only are you following the rules, but you're also on the right track to creating a safe space that you can use.

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