What to do with your attic

What to do with your attic

One day, you woke up with the urge to do something new for your attic. Your business has accumulated dust for years. Not to mention that each year, more and more waste is added in a space that, if you think about it, can be used more efficiently.

Your mind begins to marvel. There are a number of ideas that you have thought about and want to try as well. It is always possible to add a new room to your house and the attic is the most likely candidate for it. This can be advantageous if you plan to sell the house in the future. Converting the attic into a bedroom is a good investment and can also help increase the resale value of your home.

You can also dedicate your attic to a storage space. You will not have to worry about additional costs related to its layout. You only maintain the status quo. Although you have to clean the area from time to time and check whether rodents or pests have started to settle in comfortably.

So you have a room and a storage room. Another idea would be a playroom for the kids. All you need is cleaning the current attic, cleaning the floor and ceiling and laying a rug so that children do not get hurt when they stumble, what they offer.

In addition, when you decide to convert the attic into a livable workspace, you will need to change the insulation system if it is installed on the attic floor. It just will not do it. You must redo the insulation and have it installed on the attic roof instead. If you are worried about costs, there are ways to keep them to a minimum.

When redoing insulation, do not forget to give way to the vents and "breathable" ducts of the house. You can also save money this way. You see by properly insulating your attic and letting the natural air circulate, it will no longer be necessary to provide a heater during the colder months. The warm air of the ground floor will heat a small space like an attic.

You can also convert the attic into an office if your house does not already have one. You can place shelves and a study table where you can write your articles, stories or memoirs. This may be cheaper than converting the area to a bedroom. All you need are basic elements and you can create an office there.

However, before starting your small project, you need to look for some items. You will have to respect some construction rules if you want to renovate your attic. Some of these regulations include compliance with the standard

50 pounds per square foot of live and dead load combined for the attic floor.

In addition to lighting and ventilation, the law requires that an attic converted into living space respects a certain measure of the height of the ceiling. Smoke detectors must also be installed, as well as emergency exits. Even bedroom designs must meet certain specifications.

Everything will now depend on the path you take. Are you going for a room renovation or are you going for an office renovation plan. Or do you go back to sleep and leave your attic?

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