Attic renovation

Attic renovation

Many people do not like going to the attic because they have to go to the end of the stairs and sift through the junk to find one or two items. It could change as more and more people realize that attic renovations can make it a living space.

If you do not know where to start, start by calling the Building Inspector, who can check if the space can be converted or not. This person will check if:

First are the executives. If there are too many frames, it will be very difficult to renovate the attic. Then they will inspect the space to see if there is enough clearance. If it is too low, the building inspector will recommend that you lift the roof, but it will be very expensive.

The building inspector will also inspect the joists to see if a bed and other items can still support the additional weight of the room.

The building inspector will also have to check if there is an appropriate way to access the attic. He or she will probably tell you that the current down stairs need to be replaced as this is forbidden. According to the building code, the interior stairwell must have a width of 36 inches and sufficient space to have a 36-inch landing at the top and bottom.

Your attic must have room for the air ducts. Indeed, despite the extra insulation to keep this place warm, you still need a heating and air conditioning system that will maintain the temperature, just like in other rooms of the house.

The building inspector will check the last two items, electrical and plumbing systems. If the wiring and the sewers are adequate, you may soon be given the green light and start planning what you want to do in the attic.

There are many things you can do with your attic. This can be converted into a gym, an extra room, a game room or a home entertainment room. Once you understand this, you can already call a home improvement contractor to give you an estimate.

Remember to install additional lighting in the room as a skylight and some windows. You must paint the walls with light colors. As for the soil, you can keep what you already have and cover it with a carpet.

Some attic renovations can be done by yourself, while others need to be done by a professional. You have to study what you can do and leave them the rest.

Before using a contractor, you must at least get an estimate of a few, and then compare their estimates. This project should only be awarded to the contractor who is able to do it effectively.

There are limits to what you can do with attic renovations. Some houses may have toilets while others can not. To turn this space into a living space, it is essential to be able to maximize its full potential. Thus, in the long run, you can get a good return on your investment, like reselling it at a price much higher than the one you had originally spent to buy it. ?

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