Transform the attic into a bedroom

Transform the attic into a bedroom

Let's say you live in a one bedroom apartment and your guests sleep longer. You can leave the bedroom and sleep on the couch, but if it were to happen every time, it might be better to turn the attic into another bedroom?

The attic will make a nice room because it is above the ground. In addition, a study shows that homeowners who build their lofts or add living space to their home can have considerable weight when they decide to resell it.

To do this, the first thing to do is to improve the insulation of the room. Most people do not insulate this part of the house from the bedroom or the dining room because it only serves to store old garbage.

To allow people to sleep comfortably here, you will need to install extra layers of insulation as well as a drywall to hide the wooden frames.

It's one thing to fight against the cold and another when summer has arrived. For this, you will also need to provide adequate ventilation by placing rafters and roof windows so that air can circulate in the room.

Then you will have to fix the walls using either drywall pieces or wood panels. The choice of use really depends on your budget.

As most attics are dark, you will need to light this area by installing a skylight. You can put one or a few, which will also reduce electricity costs when someone spends the day here.

After the roof and the walls, you can now focus your attention on the floors. You can use existing wood already on the floor or replace them with tiles. Another option will be to put a rug.

If a sliding staircase or hatch gives you access to your attic, you must also modify it if what is already at the top is already in a room. This is because it is a requirement for your construction to be approved. The staircase must measure 2 feet by 6 feet with a single or double handrail.

With regard to lighting, you can easily put a few more light bulbs by connecting them to the nearest power source. The same goes for heating and plumbing if you also have a bathroom upstairs.

Owners who decide to hire a contractor should look for several, ask for a quote and compare. Although people want to spend so much money to make this renovation look good, there are limits to what it can spend to make it happen.

Those with the right contractor for the job must ensure that the building permit and other requirements are in order for the construction to begin. They should also be able to keep you informed of the progress of their work and be consulted in case of problems, because it is at home.

Turning your attic into a bedroom is one of the best decisions you'll make as a homeowner, because when everything is done according to your specifications, you can already bring your guests to your home without having to give up your bed.

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