Airless Paint Sprayers: Everything You Need To Know

Airless Paint Sprayers: Everything You Need To Know

Don’t you think paint brushes and rollers are too old-fashioned for the 21st century? Shouldn’t they get replaced with the latest options? Rollers and paint brushes are old-school methods now, and they definitely needed a replacement. Guess what; they have been replaced by one of the best and most efficient painting machines so far.

Paint sprayers are a 21st-century production to replace the conventional methods of painting. They are efficient, time-saving, and powerful machines that can complete painting jobs in just a fraction of time. No matter what surface they are aimed at, they have always made sure that the finishes are even, shiny, and glass-like smooth.

Paint sprayers are great for home improvement and renovation projects, especially the Titan paint sprayers that are the epitome of excellence in the painting industry. There are different kinds of paint sprayers that excel in varying fields. This blog will discuss airless paint sprayers and how it is different from the other paint sprayers.

Airless Paint Sprayers

Airless paint sprayers spray the paint at a very high pressure hence also known as high-pressure paint sprayers. They have a very little orifice for paint, and the trigger creates a very high pressure inside the gun that atomizes the particles to create a fine mist of the paint.

The pressure in a paint sprayer can be as high as 3000psi, and the paint particles are literally exploding out of the gun tip, layering explicitly on the aimed surface, leaving no mark of roughness. Airless paint sprayers are an incredible option for painting exteriors, decks, shutters, lattices, fences, doors, and anything that has a broad surface area that can be covered easily with the high pressure that the sprayer has.

What are the standard features of an Airless paint Sprayer?

A standard airless sprayer gun comprises of power cord, sprayer trigger, tip, paint cup, prime pump, and tip guard. All the small and large airless paint sprayer guns have these features; however, some might have additional features as well in addition to the standard ones.

Everything you need to know about Airless Paint Sprayers!

Small Project Champ

Airless paint sprayers are further categorized into small and larger machines for different jobs. The small, handheld paint sprayers can be used for cabinets, shutters, small fences, and doors. These handheld machines are proficient in painting in any direction; you can even paint upside down with them according to your painting job.

Although it is a small machine, it still lets you paint with different viscosities and lets you define the finishes according to the need of the hours. Furthermore, the plastic bag in the paint cup holds the paints, and the two advantages of this plastic bag are; firstly, it limits the wastage of paint, and secondly, it simplifies the cleaning process.

Graco spray gun is the champs in the field, especially the handheld ones when it comes to home improvement and renovation projects.

Heavy Duty Airless Paint Sprayers

Heavy-duty airless paint sprayers offer everything that a professional needs from a painting tool. From complexity to exclusiveness, it offers almost everything to make the job a lot easier and time-saving than the conventional methods.

Unlike the small handheld paint sprayer guns, it doesn’t take paint from the paint cup but rather is attached to the paint gallon or paint bucket. With its property of spraying a small volume of paint at very high pressure, it reduces the wastage of paint by limiting the overspray.

When it comes to heavy-duty airless paint sprayer guns, you have got a lot of different options of paints, primers, and the tips of the guns. The tip of the gun is totally up to you and plays a great role in the finishing. There is no limitation to the paints when using a heavy-duty paint sprayer like titan paint sprayer because they are compatible with both water-based and oil-based paints.

How to Paint like a Pro with the Airless Paint Sprayers?


  • The first step before you start painting is to prepare the desired surface. The area that you don’t want to paint should be covered with tapes or masks.
  • Next, you need to prepare for the job by putting on safety glasses and face masks or respiratory masks to protect against harmful materials.
  • Inspect the sprayer for clogging by spraying the paint into the bucket, but before that, prime the pump.
  • If you are spraying outside, make sure it is not too windy, or the paint particles will deviate from the aimed surface, and a lot of paint will be wasted in the process.


Painting like a pro is not that much of a task; you just have to follow these simple steps;

Make sure to put the gun almost a foot away from the aimed surface and in a perpendicular position to the surface, Paint at a right angle or in a parallel direction; the speed, however, should not be too slow.

Release the trigger on reaching the edge of the surface and maintain an overlap of 50 percent with the previous layer to even out the layering.

Do not stop painting with pulled trigger, or drips will result in textured and uneven layering of paint on the surface.

How come the right spray gun tip is the key to success?

The tip of the spray gun decides the layering of the paint, precisely how much paint comes out of the gun. A gun tip that is compatible with the viscosity of the paint results in good control and a smooth application. Small sprayer gun tips work best with thinner paints and stains, while the tip sizes .015 to .017inches are excellent for thicker paints.

Over to You!

The main advantage of airless painting is the possibility of applying coatings in a thick layer and the use of solvents in a smaller volume. There are no foreign particles and air in the ink stream, due to which it is possible to obtain high-quality and uniform coloring of surfaces.

Airless paint sprayers are excellent for painting exteriors, doors, cabinets, and small painting projects inside your home to produce a smooth glass-like finish. They spray paint at very high pressure and make sure that there is little to no paint wastage; furthermore, the efficiency and competency of the airless paint sprayers are unmatched!

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