Plumb It Right!

Plumb It Right!

Plumbing problems are considered to be one of the major problems that every household can encounter at least once in their life. Although most choose to call a professional plumber to do the dirty work, most plumbing repairs are actually minor repairs that even you can do without paying a plumber a considerable amount of money.

be careful

Prevention is one of the ways to solve major plumbing problems. Keeping a watchful eye for slow or slow drains is the key. It is much easier to repair and unblock a slow drain than to open a drain that has completely stopped working.

If your drain is slow, you can solve this problem by simply pouring boiling water into the pipe. Do this to release any accumulation of fat. In addition, you must clean the filter or the drain plug. This should do the trick.

However, if this is not the case, try to locate the problem by consulting other household drains. Do this to find out if the shoe is present in one device.

If it turns out that other drains are clogged, you may have a problem with your main drainage pipe.


Fighting a sink plug automatically means having a bathroom piston. When choosing a piston, make sure it has a suction cup large enough to completely cover the drain. It should also be able to create an airtight seal around the surrounding sink.

Then fill the unit to completely cover the piston plunger. To do this, use water or coat the rim of the cup with Vaseline. You have to create a vacuum by trying to isolate other outlets, like an overflow in the sinks. Then expel the air trapped under the cup. After that, do 15 to 20 pumping shots up and down to shake the hoof. It can take three to five times this cycle to do the trick.

Snake It Out

If the use of the piston does not work, you will need to use another technique. In this remedy, you would need a plumbing snake. You can get one on your local hardware. These can work their way through your drainage pipes and physically push the hooves away.

Plumbing snakes are considered one of the most reliable tools for solving drainage problems. All you have to do is push the snake until you hit the hoof. Once you have touched the hoof, hook it by turning the handle of your snake. After hanging it, push your snake back and forth until you feel the obstruction has broken. Then rinse the hose with cold water.

Cleaning the main drain

If you detect that many of your drain devices are clogged, it may be your main drain line that is causing a problem. So, you have to clean it. You can start by locating the drain plugs for large drainage pipes. You can find them in your crawlspace or your basement.

The main pipes are also located in your garage or outside, along the foundations of your home. You can see that each cap has a cap that has a square fitting on top. Use a wrench to remove the cap.

Make sure you have a bucket with you to catch flowing water. Also, make sure that no one will use the facilities as long as the main drainage line is open, otherwise a serious problem may arise.

Once everything is in place, use a plumbing snake to break down the obstacles in the main pipe by running it in all directions of the pipe.

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