Technologies to exploit solar energy

Exploiting solar energy efficiently is not easy. Sunlight is so prevalent that finding the most effective way to capture it requires advanced knowledge and technology. There are several technologies for using solar energy. They are all unique and dedicated to specific applications.

First, photovoltaic cells or commonly called solar cells. This is probably the best known way to harness the sun's energy. Every time we talk about solar energy, the first thing that comes to mind is to have panels and panels of photovoltaic cells or PV. These cells contain semiconductors, usually silicon, which absorb sunlight. When sunlight hits the surface of the silicon, new free electrons are created. When the electrons are removed from the silicon, an electric current is created.

The second solar energy technology concerns concentrated solar energy systems. This involves using mirrors to reflect sunlight on an area. Some systems incorporate high-tech devices to track sun movements and adjust mirrors to maximize the amount of sunlight received by the system. Sunlight reflected from the mirrors is used to heat or power a conventional power plant. Other systems convey the light from the mirrors to an area filled with photovoltaic cells.

There are several types of concentrated solar energy systems, the most popular being the solar trough, the parabola and the solar energy tower. The solar trough uses large U-shaped (parabolic) reflectors to direct sunlight to a tower in the center of the mirrors. At the central tower, the hot oil heats the solar energy and helps boil water to create steam that will then feed the congress facilities.

The electric tower system uses the same concept as the solar troughs. Mirrors are used to reflect sunlight to a central tower where a liquid is heated and used to create steam that will power a source of energy. The parabolic system uses mirrored dishes to focus and focus sunlight on a receiver. The size of the satellite dish varies, but it is usually 10 times larger than an ordinary satellite dish.

Another solar energy technology used today is the solar water heater system. It's simple. The process involves collecting energy directly from the sun to heat water or liquids that in turn heat the water. This is more common in households are ideal for family use.

In order to capture sunlight, solar panels must be installed in your home or where you will need hot water, such as a pool area. You will need a large space for this, but in the long run you will save a lot of money on your electric bill.

For commercial establishments, an ideal solar energy technology is the transpiration solar collector or also called solar wall. It consists of using perforated solar collectors where the outside air passes before entering the building.

These are just some of the technologies around which you can use the power of the sun. Technologies for harnessing solar energy continue to evolve as new technologies and discoveries are underway. Everything could change in a few years. In addition, all solar energy technologies will become more price-competitive, benefiting consumers in general.

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