How to design a garage

You can design your garage storage system using Slide-Lok garage storage cabinets. They offer garage organizers, storage cabinets, drawers, garage cabinets, workbenches and storage on the ceiling and wall.

Slide-Lok has the ideal storage system for you, regardless of the configuration of your garage. They ask what you need in a storage solution in a garage and you work from there. There are several garage storage units and you will be able to design a garage storage using their units, easily and inexpensively.

  • The first thing to do is to clean your garage, decide what you want to keep and try to keep only what you use. If you do not use it, it just takes up space.

  • Develop a plan or guide for your garage. Think of your garage as any other room in your house. You can create a floor plan with the Jack's Design Center on the Slide-Lok website. You are able to design a garage storage solution with any number of Slide-Lok storage units. This feature allows you to develop, save, and print a large number of design configurations for your garage, to help you design the project properly.

  • You will need to develop a practical solution for storing your items. The items you use most often, such as bulbs, tools and batteries, should be stored near the door of the house. This way, you do not run everywhere in the garage when you need something for the interior of the house. You can slide the mower under a shelf to keep it away. You can hang larger items such as ladders and gardening equipment from a wall unit and place the Christmas ornaments in a unit further away, as they are only used once a year. Make sure all sharp objects and poisons are kept in a locked cabinet where children can not access them.

The Slide-Lok system is modular and consists of a group of 8 basic cabinets that can be stacked or mixed in the configuration of your choice. You can design a garage storage solution with which you can live. These cabinets are very durable and feature a durable finish, plywood sides and concealed European hinges. These units slide one over the other, making them easy to assemble and give the impression of custom cabinets.

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