Does your hardwood floor finish need to be applied again?

It's only been a few years and you see that your hardwood floor looks old. What happened? How can you make it like new again? Before going any further, you should first see the condition of your hardwood floor. Check if special cleaning is necessary or if serious repairs need to be made.

When assessing the condition of your hardwood floor, observe the finish. Is it just dirty or has it already been cleaned? Study your floor to see if the finish has been scraped, dulled or chipped.

You can tell if your finish is worn out by pouring a small amount of water into a high traffic area. If the water is beading at the top, you have nothing to fear - the finish is still intact and sealed. But if the water seeps in and darkens the spot where it has landed, you may need to redo the finish for that particular area. If the test produces the same result for other parts of the house, these will probably have to be replaced as well.

Then see if the wood is still in good condition. If the finish showed signs of wear, it is likely that the wood was also damaged. If you notice that the wood has started to break down, you must replace the boards.

If this situation can still be saved, it would be better to use professionals as a self-help project, especially if you are not experienced, to avoid causing further damage.

You can try to temporarily resolve the damage by applying wax to the affected area. Take note of the word 'temporary' because wax is by no means a solution to carpentry problems. It simply acts as a covering or maintenance layer until you have the funds to replace them.

Do not be a wizard to know if the finish of your floor needs to be redone. But, although it's easy to determine, the fact that the finishing work is expensive can discourage you. But if you want to restore the beauty of your hardwood floor, you need to set a budget for side repairs. Otherwise, your initial investment on your flooring will be wasted.

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