How to choose a distressed hardwood floor

How to choose a distressed hardwood floor

It may sound silly, but some people are willing to pay for a semblance of damage and wear on their hardwood floors. Just when we are trying to find a way to get rid of stains and scratches, some modern design enthusiasts find pleasure and uniqueness in a distressed or skinned look.

By observing the progress of specially hardwood floors, they may be right to become fans of the method. Distressed hardwood floors, when expertly done, actually give a natural and natural feeling to the room - some air that is missing with perfectly finished and polished hardwood floors.

Since you are still reading this article at this point, you may be looking for tips on how to choose the right distressed material that will become your hardwood floor. And you will not be disappointed. Here are some tips to consider before deciding if this type of flooring is right for you.

Aged wood, hand-made or machine-made

Obviously, anything that requires manual labor is more expensive than doing it in the factory. The higher price for hand-crafted distressed hardwood floors is that, apart from the work, no two-handed distressed floorboards are identical.

If you buy factory-produced distressed lumber, you will likely see the same scraping debris on another part of the soil. The variety of scrapes on factory-made shop floors is limited, whereas if they are hand-made, the designs are limitless.

When choosing a hardwood floor in distress, know that connoisseurs in distress can easily spot a fake. Therefore, only venture into this type of project if you have a sufficient budget. For a single square foot of machine-made distressed floor, you should expect to spend $ 10 or more. Those made by hand bring in $ 15 or more for the same size.

Finally, it is not because we are in distress that you can scratch. There is a technique to this project to get a "damage" done with taste. The most skilled hands will make your floor an excellent topic of conversation during social gatherings and will make your friends want to become green. But a little distressed soil will invite mockery and might even give the impression that you do not know how to take care of your home.

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