Have an easy life with a prefinished hardwood floor

Have an easy life with a prefinished hardwood floor

Let's face it. The installation of hardwood floors is a difficult task and few of them do it themselves with perfect success on their first try. Certainly, installing a hardwood floor is a skill, but it can be less of a chore and a headache if you opt for a prefinished hardwood floor.

Prefinished means that it has already been coated and sealed with a translucent film that serves as protection against daily wear and tear. Finishes can protect your hardwood floor from splashes and scratches, and allow you to wipe more easily or wipe with a mop.

If you plan to install a hardwood floor yourself, you can make the most of the ease and convenience with pre-finished planks. With prefinished hardwood floors, the task of nailing the flooring to your subfloor ends once the drilling is complete.

If you bought oak or pure hardwood maple (or whatever is available), you will need to apply finishes, sand it and then apply wax and polishers. If you use prefinished wood, the time required to install a hardwood floor is reduced by half.

Prefinished floors also have a better finish than most finished floors independently. Because the application is uniform and the coating volumes are controlled and predetermined, you are sure that every prefinished hardwood floorboard is of the highest quality. Normally, prefinished floors are sanded three times and coated with an aluminum oxide finish eight times. They are also likely to have been tested for various situations of normal wear and made more resilient.

The prefinished floor is a bit more expensive than the planks of pure wood. However, when you calculate everything that needs to be done so that the basic shape shines to your liking, you will end up spending a lot more with it, not to mention the heavy work you have to do. .

You can certainly argue that you can always use professionals to do the work for you, but if the cost is a problem, then you will thank someone serious who had the foresight to offer hardwood floors prefinished. Be a wise and practical consumer. Sanding and finishing entire flooring is a thing of the past. Now that pre-finished floors are available, you should save yourself the hassle.

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