The cost of finishing your hardwood floor

The cost of finishing your hardwood floor

Refining your hardwood floors yourself can be quite daunting and those who are intent on giving them a new look like the do-it-yourselfer may find it more convenient to replace only the entire floor.

If you are planning to refinish your hardwood floors without the help of professionals, it is advisable to buy tongue and groove materials so they can be easily assembled. By buying a prefinished hardwood floor, you will also save a lot of time and effort.

What is the cost of refining hardwood floors?

The normal cost of repairing hardwood floors is between $ 1.25 and $ 4.00 per square foot. If you bring in a professional, you risk spending between $ 3 and $ 3.50 for each square foot of labor. So, if it is an expense you want to avoid, the best choice is to rehabilitate your floor. However, you must be ready for the task ahead.

The total cost of finishing your hardwood floor varies depending on several factors.

What is the current state of your parquet? There are cases where, before finishing work, structural repairs must be made. These repairs will increase your expenses. Your expenses are also likely to increase further if the floor is covered with another type of flooring, such as linoleum or carpet, as removing them would increase the addition. You can choose to do this work yourself, but you will not enjoy it.

The type of hardwood you own can also affect the cost. Maple, for example, will require professional tampering because it is relatively difficult to restore. If you are working with engineered hardwood flooring, it will be easier, but you must be careful not to accidentally sand through the material.

However, if it is expensive to rehabilitate a hardwood floor, the investment is well worth it. Well maintained, the finish of a floor can last 40 years before you need to replace it again. If you are planning to sell your property in the near future, having a nice and robust hardwood floor will help increase its estimated value, which will allow you to recover your investment in the long run.

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