Meditating in a hot tub

"Lie down, close your eyes and let the worries and worries of the day disappear." These words of relaxation and meditation take on a whole new meaning when you wash your hair in a hot tub.

The warm, relaxing stream of jets, the comforting water wrap that supports your body, the hug of bubbles flowing around your body all help to keep you away from your long day. They will save you the worries and worries of the long struggle of life and relieve your mind, your body and your spirit.

In a spa, there are no urgent details to take, no rushed decisions to make, but only the soothing comfort of water and the relaxing mantra of bubbles to erase the stresses of everyday life. Keeping your eyes closed, letting water be your intermediary to the inner peace of meditation is the perfect solution to the many distractions of this modern world. The soothing concentration that you will get by letting your mind become totally relaxed and at peace in a spa is truly revitalizing.

A hot tub can do that and more. Humans have been drawn to water since time immemorial and for good reason. The deep, tranquil warmth of a whirlpool recalls the safe and comfortable belly from which we all come. The feeling of floating in total peace with your mind and body is a unique sensation. The spa is the ideal antidote against the stress of modern life.

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