The medical community and spas

Little research is needed to conclude that the medical community is fully supportive of the healing properties evoked by the simple activity of relaxing in a hot tub.

It's not just relaxing, because athletes and coaches use the swirling hot water effect to relieve athletes for years.

How many times have you seen the news every night just to see the story of an athlete who feels sore in a specific area and we can see him in the background, sitting next to a large aluminum tub with all that makes him suffer, submerged water? Coaches and trainers have known for years what the medical community advocates earlier. by allowing submersion in hot water, healing can occur. No drugs, no drugs, no vaccines, just hot water. Go understand.

Are not we just surprised by what professional athletes have done to their bodies? Watch a football game on Monday night to get respect for what these guys did for football. That's all you need to begin to understand that if they find a healing property in hot water, why us?

I remember the North Dallas Forty movie from years ago that talks about the Dallas Cowboys football team. I remember a scene where the angle of the camera was as close to reality as being in the player's place and for a few moments, like the public, could experience what it feels like to play this game as a professional. It was amazing! Men weighing more than 200 pounds and wearing cleated shoes stepped on each other to get this football, it was painful to watch.

Immediately after the match, he did not show the players in a bar sipping a beer together or at home with their families. What we saw was probably a lot more like the reality of the players; they were bandaged, moaning because of their sore muscles, and had their necks in a hot bath because they probably knew that by sitting in the hot water, they could enjoy the benefits of healing without the need for medication.

I may have read too much in the film, but the fact is that the coaches and coaches of great athletes have been using the spa method for healing for centuries and today is the 21st century community. Medical jumped aboard and supported the findings that sitting in a hot tub will help heal sore muscles.

Today, the medical community uses the idea of ​​spas to cure all health problems; People with diabetes are known to reduce their blood sugar levels by regularly using a hot tub. People who have had a stroke may have felt this almost normal sensation before their stroke.

It may have taken a lot of time for the medical community to approve the use of spas for healing, but the bottom line is that they have come to the conclusion and that is progress.

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