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Which spa vous convient le mieux? Comment analysez-vous cette industrie étrangère pour trouver le spa idéal pour vous et votre famille?

For starters, you need to be aware of the myths and misunderstandings prevalent among spa consumers. Remember that spa sellers are primarily sellers and, like any industry, not all sellers are dishonest. But knowing the basics of spas will help you not to pay more than you need or buy equipment you do not need.

First, purchase your spa from a reseller who works specifically - and only - with spas and spa supplies. Department store salespeople will not have the training to help you as they should.

Then, when you ask a spa sales representative to talk to you about the latest spa news, you'll hear the following:

Horse power

Filtering systems


Open Cell Foam vs Closed Cell Foam

Air blowers

The seller will focus on the unique features you will not find at any other dealer. You should focus on the details of the bathtub itself. To take notes. To ask questions. Discover different models.

Mostly; be patient. Do not intervene and make a purchase, even if you are excited about a deal or a certain hot tub. If it's really a good deal, it will still be available next week after checking the competition.

If you are concerned about the honesty of a seller, ask to record their presentations and sales pitch on different containers. If they refuse, you have your answer! If they do not, you have something visual to consider at home when it comes time to make an informed decision and choose the spa that's right for you.

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