Fabral Roof Guarantee

Fabral is the self described leader in metal wall and roof systems. The Fabral Roof Guarantee on their products are amongst the best in the business. Simply stated most have a lifetime integrity warranty and 20-30 year fade and chalk or corrosion warranty. With a warranty like that there's no worry when it comes time to install Fabral products.

The Fabral Grandrib 3 and Grandrib 3 Plus metal roof is, according to Fabral, "made from the best quality structural steel available, no seconds!" The finish is that of another Fabral product, Enduracoat (TM) 2000. As Fabral says "Whether your application is new or old, commercial, agricultural or residential, Fabral's panels and paint systems are designed to exceed your expectations. requirements and your expectations. "

What is the guarantee? For Grandrib 3, this is a lifetime warranty on integrity, a 30-year warranty against discoloration and chalk on walls and roofs, and a 10-year warranty against rust surface against acid rain. For the Grandrib 3 Plus, the warranty is better in many ways. This is a lifetime warranty on the integrity of the film, a 30-year warranty against discoloration and chalk on walls and roofs, a 15-year warranty against surface rust against rain acid and a 25-year warranty against perforation against acid rain for the walls, 20 years for roofs.

Fabral describes his Horizon 16 product as follows. "The elements can be difficult for roofing materials, but Fabral's Horizon 16 is up to the task. The rugged metal construction of the Horizon 16 provides maximum protection, reduced maintenance, lasting beauty and a distinctive value of residential properties. Horizon 16 is incredibly energy efficient. many colors reflect the warm rays of the sun to keep the houses cooler in the summer.

Horizon 16 weighs a lot less than shingled roofs, but it is extremely durable: the fire-resistant material can withstand high winds while maintaining a calm and soothing sound during a rainstorm. Horizon 16 can be installed on any floor or, in many cases, directly on an existing roof. The guarantee is good; a lifetime warranty, a 30-year warranty for chalk paint and discoloration, a 15-year warranty against surface rust against acid rain, and a 20-year limited warranty on Bright Copper Penny paint.

Ultra-Loc is another Fabral residential metal roofing material. "Ultra-Loc's sturdy metal construction provides maximum protection, minimal maintenance, lasting beauty and distinctive value for residential properties." The warranty includes a 30-year warranty on chalk and fading for paints painted, a 15-year warranty on rust burrs against acids. rain, and a 20-year limited warranty on Bright Copper Penny's paint.

If it starts to sound the same, it's because it's the same. Fabral maintains its products with excellent guarantees. For more information on all Fabral products, including the Fabral Roof Guarantee for everyone, visit their website http://www.fabral.com.

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