Why choose to use solar energy

Life on earth is powered by the light and the heat of the sun. About 3,850 zettajoules (ZJ) per year represent the total amount of solar energy available to the Earth. The energy of the sun travels to the Earth through electromagnetic radiation such as radio waves, but the frequency range is different. Some of this energy is absorbed as it passes through the atmosphere. Heat and light are the main forms of solar energy.

Solar energy has many advantages over conventional energy. The energy of the sun is free, the only expense is to recover energy. The cost of recovering solar energy is recovered faster than conventional energy. The recovery units do not have to be connected to the natural gas network or the electricity grid, they are autonomous. The supply of solar energy is unlimited. There is no harmful emission gas for the Earth's atmosphere.

There are several ways to recover solar energy:

Focusing Sensors It has a mobile mirror, called heliostatic, oriented towards the sun and can provide a temperature of about 4000 ° C. This degree of temperature is used for a solar oven in industries and research. These solar generators do not contaminate our environment. Heliostats can concentrate energy on a boiler that turns water into steam. To generate solar electricity, focusing sensors can be used.

Flat Plate Collectors These collectors can be used in schools and homes to provide heat using heated water in pipes. They can not provide as much heat as focusing sensors because they are smaller.

Solar Distillation Solar distillation is about the same as flat plate collectors but provides distilled water instead of heat. Seawater is put in tanks or ditches on the roof of a house and the heat of the sun heats and evaporates the water and turns the water vapor into distilled liquid water.

Solar Electricity Using focusing sensors and photovoltaic cells, made up of fine particles of semiconductors, converts solar radiation into electricity.

Solar energy would not be affected by fuel supply and demand because it is free and does not pollute the atmosphere. It's natural and pure. It would bring us better health.

We can work together in many ways to obtain the best of natural and renewable resources. The use of solar energy is not only useful, but it also inspires others. Expenditures related to the use of solar energy are lower than the cost of using other heat sources, including electricity and gas. When you use electricity and gas, the initial cost is low, but you end up paying the price from now on. With solar energy, you can have an initial investment to turn your home into solar energy, but you have no reason to pay for it unless you use electricity or gas as a backup source of heat. . Solar energy was available yesterday, today and, hopefully, in the future.

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