Opening your pool after the winter

Opening your pool after the winter

Winter may seem like an eternity depending on the weather during that time. There is still a lot of work to do to prepare a winter weather pool. If you do it right, it will be in excellent condition when the warm weather warms up. You will then have to perform some tasks to prepare it for your enjoyment.

By being ready for these tasks, your pool will be ready on time. You can do them a few weeks before swimming time. This way, you have the time to repair and replace parts if necessary. If you have a heater that you need to use, it will give the water time to reach the desired temperature. Even during the summer months, some people need a heater to keep the water right for night swimming.

You should have a solid cover on your pool. Before removing it, you want to remove dirt, debris or water that has accumulated there. Otherwise, you risk being dumped into the water that remains in your pool. A shop vacuum works very well to remove these items from your cover. If you have a rainy or snowy winter, do it on hot days so you do not get too much of it.

Wash the lid with soap and water before putting it away too. There may be bacteria and algae that have developed during the winter months. Be sure to let the blanket dry completely before folding and storing. Failure to do so may result in mold formation.

Even if you have done everything right to prepare your pool in the winter, you must check everything again. The colder weather can sometimes cause damage. Check for leaks and cracks in hoses that may be problematic. Check the filter system and the pump. If you have a heater for your pool, be sure to inspect it carefully.

Even with the pool cover, there may be bacteria and algae. This is the perfect time to give it a very good clean. You can use a cleaning robot on the sides and down or you can do it by hand. Vacuum the bottom of the pool. If you need to drain all or part of the pool water, add it at this time.

Once your water level is the one you want, you must test it. Knowing the pH levels at this point will help you decide which chemicals to add. If you have forgotten chemicals of the season, make sure they have frozen or been damaged during the winter. If you discover that they have then thrown them away so that you can be sure that what you add to the water will be effective.

If you have lights, ladders and anti-slip mats to turn off, do it before anyone gets ready to use the pool. It can be easy to forget these objects, but they must be in place for security reasons. Also check the screens of these items to make sure nothing is dropped. You want everything to be in perfect working order for swimming time around the corner.

Make a habit of keeping all your pool supplies in one central location. This way, you'll know exactly where everything is when you're getting ready for the swimming season. Take your time to set things up properly at this time of year. This way, you can focus on enjoying your pool instead of tackling one problem after another.

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