Choosing the right type of pool filter

The filter is one of the essential tools to help you keep your pool clean. It's worth investing in a great tool to help keep things as clean as possible. If the filtering system is not up to scratch, it will be very difficult for you to enjoy your pool. You may find that you spend more time cleaning it than having fun. This is not what the owners had envisioned when they decided to buy a pool.

I hope you got a great pool filter when you bought the facility. Otherwise, you are not destined to suffer. These filters are available in all sizes. You will need to determine the size you need for your pool. You will also need to know the basics of the three types of filters offered. In this way, you will be able to decide knowing which one will best meet your needs.

You can consult the dealer for pool supplies, but keep in mind that they will try to sell you what they want to promote. So having some basic facts about the types of filters is going to be in your favor. In this way, you can tell them what you are looking for instead of asking them what they recommend.

All pool filters belong to one of three categories: sand, cartridge and diatomaceous earth, commonly referred to as DE. With a sand pool filter, the water is pushed into the sand to remove debris. There are tubes at the bottom of the filter that let in and out the water.

This process will push the dirty water down, while clean water will be pushed up. However, you often need to check a sand filter to make sure there is no accumulation of debris. When that happens, the water will not grow at the same rate as it should. As a result, you will find that there is dirty water everywhere instead of just at the bottom of the pool.

Although this type of filtering system is inexpensive, it is not always the best method. Indeed, the filter does not always eliminate all debris from the water. Some decent sized rooms can find their way back into the pool. The cartridge backup filter is a better alternative. It works with a cartridge type embedded in a cylinder. This cartridge is what catches and holds the debris that is collected.

They are able to filter large amounts of water in less time than with a sand filter. Nor should they be cleaned as often as they may contain more debris. So, if you are looking for a way to clean your pool and reduce the time you spend on such tasks, it may be fine for you.

You must clean them once a month when you use your pool regularly. You can take out the cartridge and wash it gently with water. Do not exert too much pressure as this may tear and damage it. You must inspect the cartridge each time you clean it. Replace it when it begins to show signs of wear. Many pool owners can use the same product for six months to a year before replacing it.

The DE pool filter is more complex, but it also works best. It implies that tiny diatoms are active inside the filter to collect dirt and debris. This process is able to get rid of the finest dirt grains, which means that your pool will be as clean as possible.

You will need to monitor the gauge to be able to complete the backwashing process of this type of pool filter. Although these types of filters are the most expensive, their consumers do not seem to complain about their effectiveness.

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