The cork floor

Cork flooring has become a very popular choice at home, offering both durability and comfort. Although it is a cheap option for flooring, cork has many benefits that are worth it. Cork is harvested from cork trees in several Mediterranean countries and can only be harvested once every nine years. This limits the supply of cork and drives up prices around the world. Cork floors have a price comparable to that of ceramic tiles. However, the many benefits of a cork floor make it worthwhile to invest in cork.

As a durable tree bark, cork has natural properties that make it resistant to moisture, insects and abrasion. Cork is also composed of more than 90% air, which allows it to absorb shocks gently while quickly recovering its initial shape. This property gives the cork floors great resilience, allowing them to cushion those who stand while staying level. As a tree bark, cork flooring is also highly resistant to moisture. Unlike normal hardwood floors that can become deformed or deformed when exposed to moisture, cork flooring can retain its shape without cracking. Simple maintenance and spill cleanup will keep the cork flooring in perfect condition for many years.

A cork floor will retain its beautiful finish for many years through simple maintenance such as sweeping and cleaning. Suberin, a natural compound in cork, repels insects and prevents water damage. The compound is also fire resistant and emits no toxic emissions when burned. The structure of cork containing soft air also allows excellent noise cancellation, absorbing noise instead of reflecting it as hardwood is likely to do.

With low maintenance, cork floors last for many years, as do public buildings. As cork floors are becoming increasingly popular, the associated options have also increased. Today's cork flooring can be ordered in a wide variety of colors, shades and patterns. Cork flooring can generally be installed by gluing sections or using nested panels called "floating floor coverings". Tangled panels are a bit more expensive, but you will save on installation costs, as well as improved overall durability. Cork flooring is an excellent alternative to hardwood and is available today in many affordable models.

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