In bag or without bag

In bag or without bag

As in most things in life, nothing is free. The two most common benefits of bagless vacuum cleaners were lower running costs and better performance. As far as costs are concerned, all the vacuum cleaners have to filter the exhaust air they use to transport the dirt into the collection area, otherwise they would simply pick up the dirt on the floor and spit it out.

Whether you have a bagless HEPA filter, a prefilter or disposable bags, they must all be changed at one time. With the average life of a vacuum cleaner, you can expect to spend the same on one or the other filter collection system, but if you enjoy your time, you can expect to spend a lot more for a bagless system.

To keep your bagless vacuum cleaner running at full speed, you must empty the dust container when it is full and perform regular filter maintenance. The type of filter used by the vacuum will determine the amount of service required, although most use a pleated HEPA filter.


Even if the claim for better airflow performance with bagless vacuum cleaners is true in one sense, over the lifetime of the vacuum cleaner, you will achieve the same performance or even better performance of a system. vacuum cleaner with bag.

With packaged vacuums, performance starts at 100% with each new bag, and then slowly decreases as the bag begins to fill. The speed with which the performances fall depends on the quality of the construction of the bag. With the average vacuum and the average bag, you can replace the bag every 3 to 4 weeks by 90% of the first week's performance, 70% the 2nd and 3rd weeks, then 50% less the fourth week.

The short cycle will provide 100% peak cleaning every 3 to 4 weeks from the vacuum. The filtered cyclonic machines have filters designed to last 6 months, 12 months and even up to 18 months before needing to be replaced.


Whether you see it or not, whether you have dogs or cats, almost all pets regularly lose their fur throughout their lives. Pet owners often wonder what is the best vacuum cleaner to remove pet hair.

For the same reasons that the fur sticks to the carpet, it will also stick to the pleated filter cartridge of your bagless vacuum cleaner. Fur will reduce the performance of the airflow and also cause neck pain to clean the filter.

Over time, the fiber that composes the filter can retain the odors of pets, even if you clean the filter well. If your filter needs to be replaced only once a year, you may end up with a vacuum that emits odors that stink in your home.


Vacuum cleaners that use bags can often cleanly remove a full bag. Some brands, such as BOSCH, actually manage the disposal of bags in the system. With BOSCH vacuum cleaners, bag replacement is a dust-free step. The new Mega Filt bags feature an integrated closure system that, when removed, allows them to close and trap dirt and debris inside the bag, making it easier to remove.

Still, many people like bagless machines. Bagless vacuum cleaners will continue to slowly gain market share and people will continue to buy them. For many, a bagless vacuum cleaner can be the good vacuum cleaner.

Bags are the technology of the past, while bagless bags are the technology of the future. There are many reasons why you should go without a bag. For tomorrow's vacuum cleaners, the key is the cylinder and the bag.

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