Ideas for remodeling the kitchen and floors

Ideas for remodeling the kitchen and floors

It's easy to get excited when buying kitchen flooring after going through hundreds of interior design magazines, but it's not advisable to choose a material based solely on the look. Limit your choice to a few of your favorites, then go to a flooring store or mall for a test drive.

We do most of the cooking in the kitchen while we are up, so it makes sense to look for something that is easy on the legs. While shopping, take off your shoes and stand on the floor with your stockings to see how you feel. Is the floor comfortable or too hard under your feet? Put on your shoes, go for a walk and observe the noise level of the ground. Today's kitchens are more open than ever. They attach to the den or even to the big room.

Shoe noise can create problems while others are talking or watching TV. Also remember that the kitchen is usually the busiest place in the house, so you want a floor that wears well too. With children and animals, it does not take long to use the ground, let alone pedestrian traffic and spills. Sustainability is important in today's complete families and ease of maintenance must also be taken into account.

These are different floor coverings to consider:

The wood is suitable for a wide variety of decorating styles. It is warm on the ground, pleasant on the legs and is a choice of quiet floor. The maintenance and durability of a wood floor depends greatly on the types of wood used and their finish. One of the concerns with wood is that it can be scratched, but wood floors can still be sanded and repaired.

For homeowners looking for an exceptionally durable and low maintenance floor, laminate is a great option. The laminate is finished at the factory and can be easily installed on existing flooring, making installation easier. Although laminate has its advantages, it lacks the warmth and character typically associated with natural wood and some may find it noisy.

Ceramic tiles allow a lot of customization in terms of colors and patterns. Although tiles are easy to clean with a damp mop, the surrounding grout can be difficult to maintain and keep clean. Ceramic tiles can be very hard on the legs, not to mention falling dishes. It does not help control the sound in the kitchen and can be very cold underfoot.

If you have a tight budget, vinyl slabs or adhesive slabs are for you. The vinyl is easy to install and is available in a variety of colors and patterns. One of the disadvantages of vinyl flooring is that the edges can curl and peel off.

Linoleum flooring is making a strong come back because of its ecological appeal. Made from linseed oil, cork dust, wood flour, tree resins, crushed limestone and pigments, this kitchen flooring is eco-friendly. There are other eco-friendly options that are environmentally friendly, but there are advantages and disadvantages to every type of flooring, of course. The important thing is to go with your own ideas of kitchen flooring and, in the long run, your floor will reflect your tastes and fit your lifestyle.

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