Belts and Performance

Vacuum straps can be of many styles and hundreds of different sizes. Normally, vacuum cleaners use a belt to drive a stirring device, also called a brush roll. With very few exceptions, most vacuum cleaners use a flat belt, a round belt or a gear belt.

The type of belt used by your vacuum cleaner is very important, not only for its durability, but also for its performance. The condition and type of belt used by your vacuum cleaner will greatly affect the ability of the systems to clean the carpets. Proper use of agitation is about 70% of the cleaning capacity of a vacuum cleaner.

Aspiration is also very important. Aspiration is what pulls the dirt that is removed from the carpet into the collection area of ​​the vacuum cleaner. Suction or airflow is the key when cleaning hard surfaces or when using accessories. Without suction, a vacuum cleaner could only bring more dirt to the surface of the carpet. Although aspiration is important for agitation and suction, agitation really cleans them.

Almost all manufacturers use wood, metal or even plastic brush rollers driven by a vacuum motor or brush motor using three different types of belts: round, geared or flat.

Round belts are the oldest because they were easy to produce and design. The round style, unfortunately, is usually executed in the same space as the aspired dirt. This means that almost all of the dirt, staples, and hair that you draw will pass around the waist. cut, hack or even scrape along the way.

Vacuum straps must stretch for a long time, which puts even more strain on the roller and the bearings of the motor. The round belt is still common and still used today.

Flat belts are mostly circular, unlike the twisted road used by the round belt to offer the performance in the right direction.

The style allows manufacturers to move the belt from one side of the brush roller to the center of the dirt. This is truly an excellent innovation because you can eliminate premature soil and dirt failures in the belt path.

The latest belt design is considered the best in the industry. Although there are many variations, the toothed belt is the most effective way to drive a brush. The toothed belt is also known as a positive brush system because the energy of the brush motor is transmitted directly to the brush.

The brush and the motor are locked by teeth fixed to each other by a toothed belt without tension. The resulting direct connection results in superior cleaning efficiency, as the brush can be driven at a higher speed, regardless of the age of the belt.

The flat style can stretch as they get hot, which will cause them to lose tension. When using your vacuum cleaner, the belt will always stretch. Believe it or not, he will lose his tension the moment you put it in the closet.

One of the major drawbacks of timing belts, however, is the cost of vacuum. Toothed belts are normally used on two motor vacuum cleaners. This requires not only a separate suction and brush motor, but also an electronic sensory system that alerts you when something is wrong with the brush.

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