Vacuum cleaner bags

Vacuum cleaner bags

Anything that a vacuum cleaner recovers, regardless of its type, must be deposited somewhere - normally in a vacuum bag.

In 1920, Air Way Sanitizer Company of Ohio launched the first disposable bag vacuum. Until then, vacuum bags looked like the kind of bags worn by golfers to carry their clubs. These were somewhat heavy and tough devices made from thick, stiff canvas, designed to be very flexible while preventing carpet dust and debris from escaping into the air.

The improvements made by the Air Way Sanitizer disposable vacuum bag have greatly contributed to improving the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner.

Made of paper, the bag has been designed to fit inside the fabric bag. Not only did this make cleaning the vacuum cleaner easier, but it also kept the inside of the bag fixed at all times, so that less dust and debris could be removed from the vacuum cleaner and returned to the house.

In the beginning, each manufacturer designed their own disposable vacuum bag made of different types of paper. You can not exchange the bags from one machine to another because the fittings were of different sizes with different configurations for opening the entrance. Manufacturers, who used to be very dependent on the sale of their machines, had now discovered a whole new territory for disposable bags and once again sales have exploded.

Previously, a housewife had her vacuum cleaner and the only thing she needed was to be cleaned and maintained from time to time. If the man from the house was there, the work would normally go to him.

After a while, repair shops specialized in vacuum cleaners began to appear everywhere.

Nowadays, very few vacuum cleaners use bags. No bag is the way to go these days, and for good reason. What was once a revolution in domestic cleaning is now disappearing quickly and quickly.

Models such as Cyclone or Dirt Devil now use cylinder technology to store dirt and dust. When you have finished vacuuming, you simply empty the cylinder in the trash. Vacuum bags can be very frustrating, which is why millions of people use bagless vacuum cleaners.

If you have a vacuum that uses bags, you should consider modernizing it. Bagless vacuum cleaners will save you time, money and replacement. If you're tired of bags, now is the time to get a better vacuum.

Not only the bagless models have more power, but they will also avoid many trips to the store and the closet. They do not cost a lot of money either, and they are the perfect complement to any household.

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