The essential vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is a really incredible piece of equipment because it would be very difficult to do without it. Many people prefer domestic carpet vacuums at home.

Whatever your point of view, the vacuum cleaner is an ingenious device. It has an air pump that creates a partial vacuum to suck up dust and dirt, which it collects through a filter system or a cyclone for later disposal.

Types of vacuum cleaner

Depending on their configurations, there are many types of vacuum cleaners. Here are some of the most popular types of vacuum cleaners.

Without bag

Without bag vacuum cleaners, as the name implies, don't use bags. They collect the dust in a compartment which you can quickly and easily empty. This will save you from the headache of dealing with messy and frustrating vacuum bags.


Law vacuum cleaners have the pump mounted directly above the suction intake, with the bag mounted on the handle that will normally rise to waist height. The designs of upright vacuum cleaners will normally employ mechanical beaters, which are often rotating brushes, to help dust that has yet to settle be vacuumed up. An attached belt to the vacuum motor will drive these beaters.

Types of can

The garbage collectors have the motor and the bag in a separate cylinder which is connected to the suction head by a long flexible hose. Even though vertical units have been tested as being more efficient, the lighter, more manageable heads of the cartridge are also popular. There are on the market models of cans with feed heads that contain the same type of drummers as the vertical units, even if these types of drummers are driven by a separate electric motor.


Backpack vacuums are a great tool for commercial type cleaning. Backpack vacuums will allow you to move around rapidly in a large area. It is basically a canister vacuum cleaner, except for the fact that the straps are used to carry the canister unit on your back.

Central vaccum

A central or integrated vacuum cleaner has the suction motor and bag located in a central location of the building, providing suction plugs at strategic points of the building. That way, you just have to carry the pipe and the picking head from room to room. The pipe is normally 25 feet long, which allows great freedom of movement without having to change the intake sockets.

A plastic pipe will connect the suction ports to the central unit. The head of the vacuum cleaner may not be powered or have drummers operated by a pneumatic or electric motor. The dust bags of the central systems are so big that it is enough to change them or to empty them once or twice a year.


Robot type vacuums will move around your house, cleaning as they wish. They are compact and powered by batteries.

Held in the hand

Held in the hand vacuum cleaners are very small and powered by either batteries or electricity, and very popular with cleaning up small spills.

Wet or dry vacuum

Wet or dry vacuum systems can be used to clean wet and dry spills and dirt.

Vacuum cleaners are very useful for protecting you and your family from dust particles. They are also useful for people with allergies resulting from dirt and dust. Before buying a vacuum cleaner, you should always read some reviews and find other information to make sure that the vacuum that you buy will meet your needs.

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