Basic guide to winterizing your pool

You have invested money in the construction of a pool and it has given you a lot of fun. When the season begins to cool, you must prepare the pool to make sure it will not be damaged during the change of season. To this end, you will get a lot of information by gathering information on how to winterize pools.

As summer says goodbye, you should also start saying goodbye to your pool. Here are the processes to ensure that the pool will be ready for the cold season and will also be at its peak in the summer.

  • 1. Check the pH level of the water. This should be about 7.5 and if the results show otherwise, put dry acid on the water. Check the chlorine and use an ideal product to protect the pool from algae growth during the winter months.

  • 2. When the coldest months arrive, run the pump six hours a day. This action will also prevent the algae from developing as long as the pool is not used. All types of leaks must be sealed. Close the skimmer faucet and allow the water to run about six inches below the bottom of the skimmer. This is the preferred amount of water on the pool.

  • 3. Before storing the summer cover, clean it with a high-pressure cleaner or simply with fresh water, if you have already used one. Keep it in a dry place and cover yourself with the winter. When placing this on the pool, apply sufficient tension on the cover to prevent contact with the bottom once it is in place. This must be checked several days into a week to be sure it is still tight.

Talk about the blanket to everyone. For the safety of all, tell them that even pets are not allowed to approach the pool. The cover can protect the pool, but it was not designed to protect people or anything that could accidentally slip on the material.

  • 4. Once the above procedures have been completed, it is time to drain excess water from the equipment. Water must be drained from the pump, heater and filter. This can be easily done by pulling the drain plug at the bottom. This part makes the process much easier.

Even if you are stuck with many things that demand your attention in anticipation of the coming season, you should never forget to empty the pool of water. In winter, the water will freeze in the area, which can cause irreversible damage that you would not want to suffer.

When you have completed all these steps for winterizing your pool, you can do other things. But you have to check the pool after several days to see if everything is fine and you have to stay on course or you have to repair some areas to be very sure that everything will be fine.

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