Wintering a lawn mower A step-by-step guide

The fact that you have completed the last task of your lawn in the fall does not mean that you have completely finished; you must still winter your lawnmower in time for the coldest months. Winterizing a lawn mower means preparing it for storage of the season. When you mow your mower for the winter, you can save hundreds of dollars by making expensive repairs and you can even extend the life of your equipment.

Here's a quick guide to winterizing your lawn mower. Follow them carefully to bring a well-equipped lawn mower in the spring.

Empty the fuel tank. This will prevent gasoline residue from clogging up your carburetor. And you do not want that to happen, because it will involve spending hundreds of dollars on repairs. Before storing your lawnmower for the winter, turn it on until it eats all remaining gas and stops by itself. Restart the engine. If the lawn mower does not start, you have emptied the fuel tank.

Change the oil. Fill your oil tank with fresh oil and make sure the amount is not enough, not too little. Eliminate the old oil as outlined in the hazardous waste management policies in your area. Do not throw it in the sink, sewer or soil. If you can, find service stations in your area that collect old oils for proper disposal.

Clean or change the air filter. You can clean the air filter if it is plastic, but you can buy replacement filters for the paper filters. It is recommended to replace the air filters at least once during the mowing season.

Remove the candle. Then pour lubricating oil into the plug hole and run the engine several times to spread the oil. Now reinstall the plug. However, if your candle is very old, you must buy a spare one. You know that you have to replace it if the mower reaches a hundred hours of use.

Clean the underside. Cut grass and other foreign materials may get stuck between the blades, so scrape them to prevent rust. You can also water them to dislodge easily. Rub the underside and surface to remove rust with steel wool. To remove fat, use warm, soapy water. Allow the lawn mower to dry before storing. Remember to wear gloves when cleaning the lawn mower to avoid hand injuries.

Sharpen the blades. Although you can sharpen them before reuse, it is best to sharpen them during the winter to save time. You can either sharpen the blades yourself or send them to a professional. Apply a protective oil to prevent the blades from rusting during cold months.

Store the lawn mower in a safe place. You can keep it in your garage or basement, or wherever it is safe. Cover it with plastic and place mothballs near the lawnmower for no rodents to inhabit. Properly wintering a lawn mower ensures that you have something to work with coming spring.

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