How and how many times should you wash your face?

Whether using cold water or warm water, this is actually equally useful and recommended. It's just that you don't wash your face too often using warm water. Research shows that washing your face using warm water too often can make your skin dry and irritated. Moreover, if the skin of his face is thin and sensitive.

Dry and irritated skin conditions are closely related to the reduction of natural oils on the face that maintain facial moisture. When oil is reduced, this will make the facial skin look wrinkled and accelerate premature aging.

In order to keep facial skin awake, researchers suggest that washing your face with warm water is done as needed. Do not use water that is too warm or hot. If you really want to wash your face using warm water, use lukewarm warm water. Choose the right face wash and suitable skin type.

Also get used to washing facial skin using cold water to keep the skin moist. Enough of the needs of water every day, multiply eat vegetables and fruit, have exercise and sleep enough to get more maintained skin, healthy and naturally beautiful.

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