What is the best product for body whitening?

The skincare whitening body package consists of:

1. 100ml night lotion

DrW Skincare Whitening lotion is a lotion created to help whiten the skin of your hands and feet. As we know lotions in the market are ordinary lotions that only contain raw materials that are useful for moisturizing and softening the skin. Why did I say normal? because those who may prescribe skin care containing active ingredients that can whiten the skin are only doctors based on the recipes made.

The composition of DrW Skincare Whitening lotion concoction:

  • Glutathione,
  • Arbutin,
  • and also Vitamin C to help brighten your skin.
Get whitening lotion online
Get whitening lotion online 

This whitening lotion will suppress melanin production. As we know melanin is a compound that makes our skin color become colored (black-brown) so that by suppressing the production of melanin, the patient is expected to get brighter and whiter skin.

Benefits of DrW Skincare Whitening Lotion:

  • Brighten and whiten the skin evenly,
  • Reducing the rate of melanocyte formation,
  • Make the skin more radiant,
  • Restores youthfulness & sores the skin,
  • Smoothes the skin by removing dead skin cells,

2. 100ml Day Lotion

Drw Skincare's Day lotion contains SPF 50 which protects the skin from UV exposure during the day.

3. Glutathione capsules contain 60 capsules

The main benefit of Glutation Capsules is whitening the whole body, Reducing dark spots & melasma, slowing aging of the skin and wrinkles, looking younger, Reducing the formation of melanin, Reducing excess pigmentation, such as scars, spots, increased immunity, Removing acne, Reducing acne large pore face, is a high antioxidant, accelerates the healing of pain, reactivates vitamins C & E Glutation Capsules makes skin whiter evenly, smooth & radiant.

Skin whitening effect is achieved within 3 weeks of continuous & correct use.

NOTE: the achievement of results for each person is not the same.

It is different from other Gluthatione Brands that have not been 'reduced' or known as 'UN-REDUCED' Gluthatione. (SO MINIME OF SIDE EFFECTS, NOT DANGER FOR KIDNEY / HEART). CONTENT: 60 capsules / packing Rules: Take 2 capsules before going to bed at night. The results are better if accompanied by the use of lotion whitening

4. kojic soap drw 90gram

Every woman craves white skin, smooth and tight. Doctor Skincare presents bath soap products from natural ingredients ekstract Kojic acid which is good for your skin. Kojic acid has the effect of being a competitive inhibitor and reversible polyphenolic oxidase whose work inhibits tyrosinase, which catalyzes tyrosine changes to melanin (skin dyes) which makes the skin brown / black. That's why Kojic soap it is widely used as a skin lightening agent in other cosmetic and dermatological preparations.

Kojic soap naturally whitens the skin. Moisturizes and smoothes the skin of the body. Helps overcome various abnormalities in the skin such as back acne, scars, phlegm, ringworm, ringworm can be helped overcome with Kojic soap. It's not the time for the bath to just smell good, but it can be healthy and clean, bright skin.

Kojic Soap content

Kojic ajid, Glutathione, Rice extract, Milk extract, Vitamin E.

How to best apply Kojic Soap to your skin?

  • Wet your body first with water.
  • Rub Kojic Soap evenly throughout the body.
  • Gently massage so that the efficacy of the kojic acid seeps into the skin's pores.
  • Allow 2-3 minutes until the soap dries out a bit and then rinses.

Kojic soap can also be used for the face, how?

  • Wet your face.
  • Rub kojic soap on the palm.
  • Take the foam in the palm and apply it very gently to the face.
  • The use of the face will usually cause a bit of pain but it is a natural condition.
  • Allow about 1-2 minutes to dry and then rinse.

However, it is better for the face to use, consult with our Doctor or the agent that we have appointed.

The use of kojic soap for skin whitening programs should also be accompanied by the use of Glutathione Whitening Capsules and Whitening Lotion for a complete effect.

5. 250 gram Bleaching Body Scrub

Lulur Plus Bleaching Drskincare

Why did DrW Skincare create scrubs plus bleaching ?? So as not to burden patients who want to look brighter. Lulur plus bleW DrW Skincare, consisting of olive oil, bengkoang extract and milk. Here scrubs plus bleaching function to remove dead skin cells, so that the skin will look brighter after bathing. So there is no need to bother going to the salon for scrubs again, it can be done alone at home.

Get whitening cream online
Get whitening cream online 
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