Why a package is important for skin care products?

Why a package is important for skin care products?

Because every product that has a package of DrW Skincare care has tasks / functions that support each other.

The content of DrW Skincare Cream has functions including:

🌸 Brighten and whiten the skin evenly

🌸 Reducing the rate of melanocyte formation

🌸 Reduces wrinkles on facial skin

🌸 Make the skin more radiant

🌸 Restores youthfulness & sores skin

🌸 Smoothes the skin by removing dead skin cells

The DrW Skincare Package consists of:

➡️ Soap to clean up the make-up remnants, dirt, dust while making your face fresher and firmer plus there is whitening and anti-bacterial too.

➡️ Morning Cream / Sunblock / Sunscreen to protect your face from bad effects UV light, brightens, nourishes, keeps moisture, even excess oil on the face

➡️ Night Cream to deal with problems on your face. Its functions include brightening, treating zits, removing spots, removing wrinkles, and making the skin firm & supple. So that it can be said that this night cream has the biggest role in your facial care. So not a few mlm cream ...

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