How to shower properly?

Have you taken a shower yet ...?

Read for a while before taking a shower😉😉.

Bathing is one way to maintain health. Because it has become a habit, many people underestimate the ritual of cleansing the body. They sometimes actually do some forbidden things when bathing which damage the skin and hair.

But what are the forbidden things? Here are a few:

1. Hot shower

Hot shower does feel good, especially when it rains. However, a hot shower can remove the body's natural oils so that it makes the skin dry and dull. You should only take a bath with warm water.

2. Bathing too long

Bathing is sometimes a means to unwind. Many people linger for a long time because they do it while singing or daydreaming.

But just like a hot shower, taking a shower for too long can remove the skin's moisture. Therefore you should take a shower for less than eight minutes.

3. Bathe using a sponge

A sponge that is used to help bathe the body can become a nest of germs. If you often use a sponge, you should make it a habit to wash it every week.

4. Use of towels that are not right

The right way to dry the body is to pat the body using a soft towel. Do not rub, especially by using a rough towel because it is not good for skin health. For hair, avoid rubbing or wrapping it with a towel.

Hopefully it will be useful for you 😍💕...

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