How to fix oily skin?

For those of you who have oily skin, facial serum can provide all the good for healthy skin without oil interference, which is commonly found in facial moisturizers. This means that you are now focusing on specific treatments for areas that are problematic due to broken capillaries, black spots, and other common skin issues without having to worry about excess oil.

However, it does not mean that you who are normal or dry skin can not or cannot use serum. Almost everyone can reap the benefits of facial serum. You only need to find the type of serum that suits your skin condition. A facial serum can still provide the moisture that the skin needs as long as you use the serum first, then followed by moisturizer, to absorb it into the skin. Otherwise, the oil in your face lotion creates a protective wall that can prevent the serum from working properly.

If your skin is very dry, you will need to wait 15 minutes after washing your face before starting to use serum. This is so that the serum does not penetrate the skin too quickly, causing irritation and redness. Similarly, you have skin conditions such as eczema or rosacea. You should talk to your doctor before using serum because the concentrated formula can worsen your condition.

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