Testimony of the Ac3 Package

Good evening, beautiful friend Ida Drwskincare 😍

Just want to share personal experiences with DrwSkincare. Can be seen in the photo below how black my skin is (pimples are not visible due to photo editing) and how severe my pimples are pus and become a wound that ultimately makes my face cheeks and forehead full of black spots acne scars‌ and uneven skin color (acne photos = initial consultation photo)

Actually, I used treatment before but there was no results at all until finally I gave up and let my skin full of black and dull pimples.

After all this time I didn't use treatment, finally I tried this DrwSkincare, 4 months ago I had a long consultation with the beauty consultant DrwSkincare, because I wanted to make sure that the products I used were safe.

At the beginning of my consultation I was only asked for photos without editing without make up, I asked why I had to send photos ????

But it turned out that I was asked for a photo so that I could know which cream was good and suitable for me, so it wouldn't go wrong and the results could be maximal.

After sending the photo the next day the results came out and I was told by the beauty consultants that I cream was suitable for my skin.

And after I was told what cream was suitable for my skin, I asked how much the price was ...

The first time I thought the price was pretty good, it was pretty cheap with the results that I got now and it was very worth it, so I didn't spend money in vain.

For maximum results it is required to be disciplined in using this cream, which certainly requires patience and patience.

And yes that's my experience with DrwSkincare and i love it ... 😍😍😍

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