How to take care of digestive system?

Digestive health is directly influenced by the lifestyle and food we eat. By following ways to improve the following digestive health, the digestive system will function more efficiently, thereby ultimately improving overall health.

1. A high-fiber diet:

Eating foods that are high in fiber such as grains, vegetables, nuts, and fruits can improve your digestive health. Fiber is useful to help keep food moving easily through the digestive tract, thereby reducing the risk of constipation.

2. Fiber consumption:

There are two types of dietary fiber, namely soluble and insoluble fiber. Each of these benefits helps the digestive system, but in a different way. Soluble types of fiber are not digested by the body, so that helps collect all the dirt.

3. Limit foods that contain lots of fat:

Generally fatty foods tend to slow down the digestive process, making you more susceptible to constipation. But it's also important to get some fat from the diet. Adding high-fiber foods to fatty foods can make it easier for the digestive system.

4. Sufficient fluid intake:

Drink plenty of water is good for digestive health. The role of water in the digestive system is to help dissolve fat and soluble fiber, allowing it to pass through easily.

5. Exercise regularly:

Regular exercise will help food move more easily through the digestive system, thereby reducing the risk of constipation. Regular exercise also helps maintain an ideal or healthy body weight, which is good for digestive health.

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