Origin of Using Drw Skincare

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I want to introduce the skin care products for the face and skin that I use here 😄

This photo is a photo before I use treatment at all because I am too ignorant of myself, until my hill becomes jet black and dry and full face of severe acne on the left and right side of the black all because the acne marks on the forehead are not flat at all.

Then there was one of my friends who advised me to use this Drwskincare treatment, initially afraid because nowadays there are so many fake face products scattered everywhere and certainly very dangerous for our skin.

But after I saw this Drwskincare cream I immediately fell in love because he had passed the BPOM test and the cream was not sticky either in the day cream or the night cream.

As soon as I saw this product I immediately hurried to buy the subject, but I'm sad 😢 When I want to buy it, I can't buy it right away, said the beauty consultant. I have to consult what cream is suitable for my skin.

As a result, I have to send a photo to get the cream that suits my skin needs, when I send photos I can't use filters so I have to original our photos without any camera effects so the doctor can determine what cream we can use for maximum results, and after getting 3 the results are very satisfying ...

Do you want to know the results like what do you do, then post the next post ...

Greetings are beautiful for everyone 😍😍😍

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